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About Us

In business since 1985 we have bought and sold more high quality Used Tires than any other company in California - possibly the U.S.

We are the source you can depend on for PREMIUM Used Tires for any vehicle you own

Because we are not a new tire dealer we are not obligated to convince you to buy one brand over another simply because it is 'OUR' leading brand

Having been around as long as we have we have practical knowledge of just about every brand of tire manufactured. That means we can tell you; 

  • How they wear
  • How they ride
  • The level of performance you can expect and the best fit for your vehicle 
  • If you need a SINGLE TIRE to replace one that has been damaged or worn unevenly, we can match your size and possibly the very same brand you have on your car.
  • Most cars today are front wheel drive and often wear front tires out long before the rear. If this is the case we offer MATCHED PAIRS of high tread tires in most brands.
  • If you need a full set of tires we can help there too. We specialize in offering MATCHED SETS of premium - high tread used tires in all sizes and brands.


Call us or stop by our showroom in Pacheco and take a look at our inventory before you spend your hard earned cash. If you dont find what you are looking for we will find it for you. If we cant, the worst you will have done is met some really nice guys that know way too much about tires.

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