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Set of 4 - 205/45R 17 Coopers

Item# 4073

Nice set of 4 - 205/45R 17 Cooper tires. These are in great shape with 80% tread remaining. They are evenly worn from edge to edge and ready to roll.

Price: $175.00 (All 4 Tires)

Pair of 245/40R 17  Nexen

Item# 4054

Nice pair of Nexen - 245/40R 17's. They have 80% tread remaining and have nice strong shoulders. Great price on a nice pair of tires.

Price: $90.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 215/45R 17  Toyo

Item# 4051

These tires are vurtually new! They are Toyo 215'45R 17's and they were taken off of a car because they rubbed the fender a little bit. There is no damage to the tire whatsoever and their loss is your gain.

Price: $140.00

Pair of 245/40R 17 Accelera

Item# 4061

Really nice pair of 245/40R 17 Accelera Used tires. They still have 80% tread remaining and are nice and evenly worn all the way across the tread surface. Priced to sell!

Price: $100.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 255/40R 17 Bridgestone

Item# 4156

These tires look a lot better up close that they do in my poor photos. We know a lot more about tires than we do photography. This is a tough size to come up with but these Bridgestone 245/40 17's are a real find. They have 50% of their tread left and they are pretty evenly worn for this size. 

Price: $80.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 215/45R 17  Federal Super Steel

Item# 4304

We carry something for every body and every budget. Here is a safe - dependable - cheap pair of 215/45R 17's that still have 60% tread remaining.

Price: $65.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 245/40R 17 Michelin Pilot Sport

Item# 4131

Not a great pair but a very decent pair of 245/40 17 Michelin Pilots. If you know the tire you know how expensive they are if you have to spring for new ones. This pair still has 50% of the tread remaining and will run out for quiote a while. We have them priced right!

Price: $80.00

Pair 0f 245/45R 17 Continental

Item# 4150

Decent pair of Continental 245/45 17's with 60% tread remaining. They have a nice even tread surface with good, strong shoulders.

Price: $75.00 (Both Tires)

PAir of 235/45R 17  Zexius

Item# 4163

Zexius 235/45R 17's with a nice even tread wear from shoulder to shoulder. They have 60% tread remaining and will run a long time on your car.

Price: $70.00 (Both Tires)

PAir of 205/50R 17 Primewell

Item# 4140

An inexpensive pair of Primewell -205/50R 17's with 75% tread remaining. The wear is nice and even and the shoulders are strong. Great price for a tire thats hard to find in a good used version.

Price: $80.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 205/50R 17   Pirelli

Item# 4117

Beautiful pair of 205/50R 17 Pirelli's with 90% tread remaining. These will mount up on your Mini or...? Great price on an expensive tire.

Price: $90.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 245/40R 18 Michelin Pilot Sports

Item# 4109

Very expensive tire! Except when you buy from RT. This is a pretty decent pair of 245/40 18 Michelin Pilot Sports that still have 80% tread remaining. Unbelievable price!

Price: $100.00

Pair of 255/35R 18 Continentals

Item# 4088

OK... they've been run a bit but there's a lot of life left in these Conti 255/35 18's. They still have 60% tread remaining and we've priced them right for you.

Price: $75.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 265/40R 18   Michelins

Item# 4093

Michelin 265/40 18's dont grow on trees ya know. And if you're running this size you know the price of new ones. This pair is 50% and evenly worn. Save some money and run these the rest of the way out.

Price: $75.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 225/40R 18 Pirelli's

Item# 4102

Here is a beautiful pair of very expensive tires. These Pirelli 225/40 18's have 90% of their tread remaining and they are nice and evenly worn. These wont last so - better call today!

Price: $150.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 225/40R 18 Toyo Eclipse

Item# 4162

Great pair of 225/40 18 Toyo Eclipse with 75% tread remaining. They are evenly worn from edge to edge and show a nice even wear pattern across the tread surface.

Price: $100.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 245/45R 18 Goodyears

Item# 4059

I know the picture looks like there is 3 of them but we sold one so now we have this outstanding pair of 245/45 18's that have 75% of the tread remaining. Great price on a nice pair of tires!

Price: $110.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 215/40R 18  Federal 5000

Item# 4056

Nice - inexpensive pair of 215/40 18 Federals that have 90% of their tread life left. They are evenly worn and have strong shoulders.

Price: $95.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 235/35 R 19 Michelin PS2

Item# 4126

One of the most expensive tires on the road and also one of the best. This pair of 235/35 19's have 80% of the tread remaining and are nice and evenly worn.

Price: $120.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 285/35 18   Goodyears

Item# 4117

This is one of Goodyears Stickiest tires. Meant to be run hard! They are 285/35 18's and they have about 65% of the tread remaining.

Price: $150.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 245/40 19   Goodyears

Item# 4060

A decent pair of 245/40 19 Goodyear's will get you down the road for a while! They have 70% tread remaining and pretty evenly worn.

Price: $90.00 (Both Tires)

Pair of 255/45 19 Bridgestone Potenza's

Item# 4106

Beautiful pair of Potenza RE0050's with 80% tread life left. This is a great tire and we're offering them at a screamin' price!

Price: $120.00 (Both Tires)

Pair 275/40 20 Michelin 

Item #5167

An amazing pair of 275/40 20 Michelins that are tough to come by. These are evenly worn and have 80% of the tread life remaining. If you need this size we dont have to tell you how expensive these are if you have to buy them new. Fortunately - we have this pair and are offering them at a ridiculously low price! Better call today - these wont last long.

                                     (925) 680- TIRE

Price: $120.00 (Both Tires)

Pair 275/45 19 Continental Extreme Contact

Item #5153

2 - Continental Extreme Contacts in  great condition. These tires are evenly worn and have good strong shoulders. They still have 80% tread remaining and we are selling both tires for way less than you'll pay for one new one. Great Tire! - Great Price!

             Call today: (925) 680-TIRE

Price: $100.00 (Both Tires)

Pair 235/45R 20 Dunlop Sport

Item #5016

NICE pair of Dunlop 235/45 20's. They are even all the way across with almost 70% tread remaining. These are great tires and they are in great shape. Save some money and come and get 'em! Better call first - these in this size wont last long!

                                   (925) 680-TIRE 

Price: $80.00 (Both Tires)

Pair 235/45HR 17 Pirelli  

Item #5160

Great pair of Pirelli 235/45HR 17's with over 90% tread life remaining. These are almost in new condition and you can save a lot of money with a high tread pair like this.

                            Call Today!  (925) 680-TIRE

Price: $100.00 (Both Tires)